Resident of the Month

Artemisa Urias

Artemisa Urias was born in Tucson, Arizona in 1921. She worked as a cashier for Jacome Department Store and eventually moved to Brooklyn, New York with her husband, Rodolfo Urias. They married in Tucson and soon after Rodolfo left for Army duty. They were glad the war ended and celebrated his return in Washington, D.C. Artye’s husband was a well-established artist and decided to move to Mexico City where the Urias family lived for 18 years. Artye always had a strong desire to learn languages and wanted to attend college to earn a degree in language arts. Living in Mexico gave her the opportunity to become fluent in Spanish as well as the experience of Mexican culture. Viva Mexico!

Artye also speaks a little Japanese. After her husband’s death, Artye began looking into assisted living possibilities to meet her daily living needs. She wanted to be closer to her daughters and began touring