Salute to our Resident Military Veterans

Kenneth Skaggs

Kenneth Skaggs was born in Miami, Oklahoma and moved with his parents, Bob & Laura to Phoenix, Arizona in 1944. Ken came from a large farm family of three brothers and seven sisters. He remembers working as an airplane riveter in Goodyear before joining the Army in March 1945. Ken served for 3 years in Europe. Ken’s friend, Bob Lambertus suggested they enlist to be trained together only to find out Bob left the day after he joined.

Ken completed his boot camp training at Fort Knox in Louisville, Kentucky. Soon after he was commissioned to the 2nd Armored Tank division as a Tank Technician. Ken had a strong interest in riding horses since his early childhood years of growing up on a ranch. So much so that when he heard of an opportunity to mount up with the Horse Calvary Unit, he didn’t hesitate. Ken was excited to be one of three-hundred riders that policed and patrolled specific wooded European territories.

His area of responsibility was located between Russian and American camps. Also Ken enjoyed entertaining the officers and public-at-large by riding in a variety of sponsored horse shows. He won a 1st place blue ribbon for Horse Jumping and 2nd place for Best Dressed Combination. Ken served his country for three years and joined the Phoenix Fire Department in 1950. He happily commented, “The military prepared me for many of life’s challenges and disciplines. My learned leadership skills carried over into my twenty five years as a fireman”. Ken is grateful for the GI bill which allowed him to go back to school and become a machinist and welder. After retiring from the fire department, Ken went on to become a charter bus driver.

He transported large groups of Senior Citizens & Native Americans that included frequent trips to Disneyland, Las Vegas, and Laughlin. Ken appreciates the many fine amenities the Springs of Scottsdale provides such as three delicious meals-a-day, large apartment rooms, happy hour, quality entertainment, Wii TV golf, and lively ball flex exercise.

Ken, we are grateful to have you apart of the Springs family. We admire your service to our country, community and family. Carry on good man!

Interviewed by T.S.M.