Salute to our Resident Military Veterans

Burt Fisher

Burt Fisher was drafted into the Army in 1951 during the Korean War and served until 1953. He graduated as valedictorian from college with a teaching degree. Burt continued with a qualifying military entrance exam in which he was the only one out of 160 recruits to score 100%. He was chosen to lead the new recruits and given the distinct honor of being in charge of the meal tickets on the train in route to Fort Lewis, Washington.

The new recruits were asked to pack up all their civilian clothes and have everything shipped away before basic training started at Fort Ord, California. Burt commented, “It was their way of welcoming you into the military”. After 13 weeks of small arms training Burt was assigned as S.P.P. (Scientific Professional Personnel). He was responsible for posting statistical analysis and records of classes. He was stationed at Fort Lee, Virginia for the remaining part of his military duty. Another benefit to his assignment came during leave time, when he was able to travel and see historical America. He visited places like Washington, D.C., New York, & Virginia Beach, and still reminisces today about his many adventures. The GI bill was beneficial to Burt and later allowed him to attend the University of Minnesota where he earned his Master’s degree.

One valuable lesson Burt learned while serving his country is the cross-cultural experience he had at a time in history when public perception of segregation was still changing. Burt’s eyes were opened to understanding different points of view, especially when he shared a barrack with a person of another ethnicity.

Burt is satisfied with his living arrangements and accommodations at the Springs of Scottsdale. He is grateful for the fair price of his spacious two bedroom apartment, the variety & flexibility of food choices, convenient location and friendliness of residents and staff.
Burt we appreciate your service to our country, commitment to family, and being a part of the Springs’ community. Carry On!

Interviewed by T.S.M.